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Voľné pracovné miesto

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Spoločnosť STAVEBNINY Monolit, s. r. o, prevádzka Trenčianske Stankovce  ponúka voľné pracovné miesto na pozíciu: vodič, šofér skup. C /...

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MONOLIT Slovakia s.r.o. is a building company. It is occupied with building residential, civil and industrial constructions in Slovakia and their complex delivery. The company operates as the construction main contractor or the subcontractor of a construction part.

Providing complex deliveries of customized constructions, MONOLIT Slovakia s.r.o. cooperates as a main contractor with selected regular and approved subdelivery partners.

Since 2004 MONOLIT Slovakia s.r.o. has been carrying out own investment projects related to construction of apartments and their sale, construction, sale and rent of non-residential areas.